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Produre to enterJapan
status of residence is a important items for staying in Japan

Relationship between
passport and visa and
Status of Residence

Certificate ofEligibility
How to get a certificate of Eligibility  for

How to get a certificate ofEligibility  for
"Status of Residence"

Statys of Residence
status of residence is a important items for staying in Japan

Important permission for staying in Japan

Types of  
"Status of  Residence" 
Part 1
Description of the type of

Description of the type of "Status of Residence"

Qualification  Guidelines
What are the guidelines for approving and receiving

What are the guidelines for approving and receiving "Status of Residence"?

Join the web shop
relationship with status of residence and  web shop

Relationship between Web shop and "Status of Residence"

To be a language teacher
To be a language teacher

To work as a language teacher or interpreter for a private company

"Status of Residence" which baby needs
status of residence for babies

Procedure for
"Status of Residence" when babies were born in Japan

Start of your  business
Close relationship between your business start and

Close relationship between your business start and "Status of Residence"


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The Permit to work as a part-time job to earn wages.

   Under respective "Status of Residence" including foreign students,
   working activities (beyond the authorized range) that earn wages
   like part-time workers are basically prohibited.

   However, receiving the permission for "UnQualification Activity"
   from the Regional Immigration Bureau Office,
   you'll be able to get working as part timer for a certain period of time.
   On this page, explaining in detail the "Unqualified Activity Permit".

Within a certain time, it is possible to work as part-time.

"Un-qualification Activity" (*Precautions : It’s a coined word created on this website.)

That means the activity in which you earn income beyond the authorized range of activity of "Status of Residence" that you own now. For example, in the "Status of Residence" for students, only activities related to study are the range of activities, and activities to earn income are not included.  But, by obtaining the following legal permission, you'll be able to work as a part-timer.
The official names used when applying for the Regional Immigration Bureau is:
"The permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the Status of Residence previously granted"
(About "the authorized of activity range", please check it on the table in Types of "Status of Residence" part 1)
If you wanna work part time, be sure to get the prior approval of "Unqualification Activity" permit before starting work.
(You're able to request an Administrative Scrivener to making application documents and submit instead of you.)

About application procedure of Un-qualification Activity permission

First of all, let's confirm the following contents before applying.

【Is it really a situation where you have to get a permission for  "Unqualification Activity" ? 】

Is it really a situation where you have to get a permission for  資格外活動許可を取得してアルバイトFist step, You need to make sure that the activity you're going to do work is really required an "Unqualification Activity" permission.  First mentioned, It means the activity in which you earn income beyond the authorized range of activity of "Status of Residence" you own now.
In other words, if what you're trying to do is within the authorized activity range of your "Status of Residence", you're able to do freely so without obtaining "Unqualification Activity" permission.
However, if you feel uneasy even after reading the following, be sure to ask the Regional Immigration Bureau. Legal problems should be avoided at all costs. Because, there is a risk of losing "Status of Residence" you own.

( What's "the authorized range of activities" ?)

Temporary work does not require extra-qualification activities.As a representative example.  Suppose you have a qualification for “International Services” and do translation work in a Japanese company. At the same time, you don't have to bother for applying to obtain an "Unqualification Activity" permit even if you intend to take a part-time translation work from another company on your holiday.
In addition, non-continuous works are not equal to the "Unqualification Activity". For example, Even if you work temporarily as an interpreter or speaker for a lecture,you can receive a temporary reward without any legal problems.
(notes: this does not apply if you regularly participate in the performance)
Furthemore, even if you work as a translator during the day and attend classes at a educational institution at night, you don't have to obtain an "Unqualification Activity" in that case either.  The reason is that in the case of activities that don't involve income, it isn't necessary to obtain  permission as "Unqualification Activity".

【 Activities that are prohibited even if you obtain an "Unqualificationactivities" 】

the basic approval criteria for an applicationThe basic approval criteria for "Unqualification Activities" is:
"Being an activity that does not threaten the original activity of yourstatus of residence".
Therefore, the following restrictions are provided.

資格外活動許可の就労時間の制約● Working time restrictions

In the example of foreign students, the maximum limit is 28 hours a week. Alternatively, you can work exceptionally 40 hours a week during long-term leave such as summer vacation specified by the school regulations.  It doesn't matter if you have multiple part-time jobs, but the combined working time must be within 28 hours (exception 40 hours) a week.
In addition, those who have "Status of Residence" of "Dependent" can also work 28 hours a week by obtaining that permission.
(Notes:Even for international students, the time limit varies depending on the type of students.)

● Prohibition of working at "Fuuzoku"

working place imageIt's very hard to explain what is  "Fuzoku"... for example, in a pub or the like, Work conten to do customer services focusing on conversationwearing a fascinating special costume.  
In the other workplace example... Game Centers, Pachinko Parlors, and Racecourses, nightclub etc,. and Places related to gambling.
Basically, it refers to the service industry that requires business permission from the police.
However, it's permissible to work as a clerk at a restaurant, fast food or Japanese style bar "Izakaya"(居酒屋).
(The photo on the right is a image of Japanese Izakaya)

【Benefits of Comprehensive Unqualification Activity Permission】

In the case of international students, there are a large number of temporary and short-term part-time jobs in Japan, and it'll be a daunting task if you obtain an "Unqualification Activities" permission every time you change working-place.
資格外活動許可でアルバイトTherefore, once the "Unqualification Activity" permission is approved, you're able to work part-time without reporting your working place to the Regional Immigration Bureau until the expiration date of your period of "Status of Residence".
The above system is a very useful function for your life in Japan.
However, if you want to continue part-time job after your period of stay expires, you will have to re-apply for "Unqualification Activity" permission at the same time as renewing or changing your "Status of Residence".

【Acceptance of Permit】

After reviewing the application documents by the Regional Immigration Bureau, a "notice" will be sent to your address if your "Unqualification Activity" are permitted.  Bring the notice, passport and residence card in possession to the Regional Immigration Bureau Office at a later date.
The "Unqualification Activity" permit is issued, and on the back of the Residence Card, it states that the "Unqualification Activity = The permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the Status of Residence previously granted" permit has been received.  If you decide which company you want to work for, be sure to show it to your employer.


About legal procedure when you want internship activity in Japan

(Relationship between internship activities and "Status of Residence")
working visa for internship
The target people are roughly divided into two types.

  1. A person who having a "Status of Residence" (Student Trainee or  Designated Activities)

  2. Overseas university students coming to Japan for the purpose of internship in Japan

(Explaining in detail below. alongside, the official name of the application "The permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the Status of Residence previously granted" is expressed as "Unqualification Activity" in the following.)

【T. A person who haing a "Status of Residence" ("Student Trainee" or "DesignatedActivities") 】

Depending on whether you receive a payment from the workplace or not, depending on the working time of the week, the details that you have to notify the regional immigration office in advance will change.

No reward
Those who plan to receive internship rewards
(It is divided into the following two types by time to do internship activity)
No need to get permission
Type ; within 28H per week
Type ; more than 28H per week
Those who plan to do that the internship time is within 28 hours per week, or that time is within 8 hours per day.
(only, during the long leave period specified by the academic regulations of the educational institution.)
Those who plan to do that the internship time is more than 28 hours per week.
(except during long holidays)
You need to obtain a permission for "Unqualification Activities" from the Immigration Office in advance. You need to obtain a permission for "Unqualification Activities".
And separately, you need to obtain "Extra-qualification for activities per week for more than 28 hours” from the Immigration Office in advance.
It is a precondition that there is no hindrance to study.

【U. Overseas university students coming to Japan for the purpose of internship inJapan】

It corresponds to any of the following table depending on the internship rewards.
As described in the table below, it is necessary to apply for and obtain the “Status of Residence” in advance.
The table shows the type of "Status of Residence" to be approved.

Those who plan to don't receive internship 
Those who  plan to receive internship rewards 
Internship within 90 
Internship more than 
90 days
【Attention point】
It is necessary to apply for "Certificateof Eligibility" to the Immigration Office prior to entry to Japan.
As part of academics, etc. based on the contract between a foreign university and a company in Japan.
Overseas university students who internship within a period not exceeding one year and within a period not exceeding a half of the university's term of study.
【Attention point】Same as left column.

As mentioned above, in order to earn income by doing some work including internship in Japan, it is necessary under the law of Japan that it is necessary to obtain "Status of Residence" which is applicable except for "short-term stay".
Under the "Short Stay" permission, you should not take any action to earn, no matter how low the reward. There is a risk of being subject to legal punishment.

Are Internet sales recognized as part-time jobs?

mail order on the InternetI think there are lots of foreign guys who are thinking of starting internet sales because in the part-time job, there is a time limit for earning wages that cannot raise income.
It won't be a legal problem at all to simply sell unnecessary privately owned goods you own using auction sites. However, don't sell dangerous goods, drugs, organisms, etc. which are prohibited from being brought into Japan by law.

On the other hand, if you intend to set up your own website and stock and sell products, you need to obtain various permissions. Generally, in order to conduct business in an individual, a " open business notification" (開業届け=Kaigyo-todoke) to the tax office is required.
In addition, buying and selling second-hand goods is what many people can easily do, but to do that, it's necessary to obtain a "Antique dealer business permit" (古物商営業許可=Kobutsusho-eigyo kyoka) at the police station. This permission must be obtained before starting online shop.
more over, when the website is opened and sales and public announcements are started to an unspecified number of people, it's obliged to comply with the "specified commercial transaction law" (特定商取引法=tokuteisho-torihikiho) defined in the Japanese law.
And it must also be displayed in accordance with the method prescribed in the law.

relation ship to working visa(Relationship to "Status of Residence")

By the way, what you most want to know is whether you can open an online shop with the "Status of Residence"  you have now, I guess. This is roughly divided into two cases according to the nature of "Status of Residence"that you  have.

【2 cases of internet sales】

@  When you participate as an exhibitor in the auction of a company that is doing business as a seller, and sell  your property.
A   When you set up your own website and run an online shop.

Now, let's explain each type of "Status of Residence".
First of all, The people who can do both @ and A activities without any problems are those who have the "Status  of Residence" introduced in "Types Part 2". Because they have no activity restrictions at all.

2 cases of
internet sales
People who fall under
Types part 2
"Status of Residence"
for working
Types part 1
(Excluding some)
Foreign student
(in principle) ×
(in principle) ×

The results can be determined from the table, but those who stay in Japan with a Work Visa or Student Visa can not operate an internet shop. Because in that work content  doesn't have time constraints, there is a risk of interfering with the original purpose of the "Status of Residence" you possess. For that a big reason, even if you apply for "Unqualification Activity", it'll be rejected by the Regional Immigration Bureau.

internet shop bsusiness(Commentary) 
※1  please go within the range of common sense. Selling too expensive items for making a big profit, or buying for selling are NG because those activities fall under the business category. In other words, it's prohibited because it poses a risk of threatening your original "Status of Residence" activity.
(in principle)  Depending on the content of the operation considering the social impact, it may be permitted, but it's expected that the result will be almost severe. You should check carefully at the Regional Immigration Office.
Be sure to check before starting the Internet shop.

Please refer to administrative scrivener for qualification activity permission and introduction of internship【Please refer to administrative scrivener for qualification activitypermission 】

In Japan, there are various laws regarding employment of foreigners, which are strictly controlled. Due to thelack of knowledge, small events in your daily life could be lead you forcefully to serious situations.
Our administrative scrivener office supports your daily life and your business which in Japan from the legal side.
If you have any questions, please contact our administrative scrivener's office.
We’ll do our best to solve your problems and concerns.

-Thank you for reading-

Please continue to use Working Visa Japan.