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Types of  "Statusof  Residence" Part1
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Description of the type of "Status of Residence"

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Close relationship between your business start and "Status of Residence"

Komatsu Administrative Scrivener's Office

With a national qualification of law relating to administrative procedures in Japan,
our administrative scrivener office supports various procedures for foreign nationals visiting Japan.
Please consult us if you have any problems with Japanese living procedures.

Please send your first inquiry by E-mail.

Please note, understand that it becomes correspondence limited to those who live in or
plan to live in Hokkaido area,
because it is related to the jurisdiction of Regional Immigration Bureau.

What kind of social roles do Administrative Scrivener's play?

Introducing the services of our office as an administrative scrivener

【Unknowing  itself is the most dangerous act】

How to make a application formIf you are a foreign national and are thinking about living in Japan for a long time, there is no doubt you will come across many situations where you need to apply forsome notifications and permissions to Japanese government agencies in your daily life.However, Japanese people around you are often not familiar with these methods on a daily basis, so you might be worried about who you should consult with.
The most dangerous thing is to act without knowing the action that requires legal permission. For example, if you have a "student visa", it's an act of earning a part-timeincome without applying for "thepermission to engage in activity other than thatpermitted under the Status of Residence previously granted".
If such an action would be found by the Immigration Bureau, you will receive a severe warning. Also, in the worst case, you may be deported from Japan.
If everyone have such a knowledge, no one will do such an dangerous act, but if you don't know it there is no way to prevent those terrible situations.

Please use our office as your good consultant

Administrative scrivener have a national qualification as a specialist in lawsAdministrative scriveners have a national qualification as a specialist in laws related to the preparation of documents to be submitted to Japanese government agencies. We also have a lot of past practical informations about the certificates and related documents required from the administrative organization of Japan. Therefore, it's possible to proceed smoothly the permission application procedure you requested.
Also we have many knowledge to solve various legal problems encountered in our lives.We will do our best to solve your matters.

【Feature of Komatsu administrative scrivener】

(Our management goal is to create a society where individual rights are respected to the fullest)
komatsu administrative scrivener offce's representativeTowards realization, we believe that it's very important for foreigners living in Japan to  understand and utilize Japanese regulations. Therefore, in our office, we started variousliving support services including foreign entry procedures.
In addition, we would like to further expand this business plan, based on the support from all of you, to build an information base that supports the lives of foreign nationals in all phases.
Please send us information such as your troubles and problems in your life in Japan. What ismore, our office is a legal office that has been officially approved to do the following instead of foreigners by the Regional Immigration Bureau in Hokkaido.

Please feel free to ask anything  if you have something trouble. At our office, we aim to solve your problemsseriously. And we will explain to you in an easy-to-understand manner which method is the best solution, andthen do after obtaining your consent.

Our fees  (taxincluded)
Consultation about matters regarding your application
*There is no additional consultation fee after signingthefollowingcontract.
the application document name
Certificate ofEligibility
for working
・ for students
・for family visa "dependent" (Spouse target)
(1 person added to the above)
* If the applicant is a self-employed person, an additional fee will
be charged
Investor / Business Manager"
(Company establishment fee is not included)
Change of Status ofResidence
・student visa → working visa
・working visa → working  visa
・working visa → working  spouse visa
Extension of Period of Stay
・ When the workplace has no changed
・ When the workplace has changed
Certificate of Authorized Employment
・ When there is no job change
・ Whenchanging jobs
Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted Under
The Status of ResidencePreviously Granted  
・ for student
・ for spouse
Agency work for receipt of residence card

However, we can not do anything that is not in line with Japanese law.
By preparing or gathering documents, we will help prove your truth to the administrative organization of Japan.

小 松 行政書士事務所

Komatsu administrative scrivener's office
Name of representative  :  Kozo Komatsu

【Office Adress】
1-112 Hanakawaminami 8-jo,Ishikari-shi, Hokkaido
 061-3208 Japan
 Phone 0133-67-3989


【Please check the following before sending】
Sorry, Related to the jurisdiction of the Regional Immigration Bureau, Our office can only respond to consultation if you already live in Hokkaido or plan to live in Hokkaido from now on.


【Correspondence when your living area is far】

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