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Information of
"Status of Residence"
What is prohibited in the case of

Index for information retrieval

Attention point of
"Short-Term Stay"
What is prohibited in the case of

What is prohibited in the case of "Short-Term Stay"?...

The knowledge for  international  studentsto work as  part-timer
working visa for part timer

About application  procedure of  "Unqualification Activity"  permission

Statys of Residence
status of residence is a important items for staying in Japan

Important permission for staying in Japan

Certificate of Eligibility
How to get a certificate of Eligibility  for

How to get a certificate ofEligibility  for
"Status of Residence"

Types of  
"Status of  Residence" 
Part 1
Description of the type of

Description of the type of "Status of Residence"

Qualification  Guidelines
What are the guidelines for approving and receiving

What are the guidelines for approving and receiving "Status of Residence"?

Unqualification  Activities
How to acquire activity permission when you want to work as part timer

How to acquire activity permission when you want to work as part timer

Start of your  business
Close relationship between your business start and

Close relationship between your business start and "Status of Residence"

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In order to stay in Japan,  always need the "Status of Residence"

  There is no system under the official name “Working Visa” in Japan, instead of it,
  there is a system named                  "Status of Residence".

You should clearly cofirm the role of "Passport", "Visa", "Status of  Residence" Beforehand

Japan's immigration control employs the “Status of Residence” system. "Status of Residence"refers to a “working visa” that is commonly known in many countries except for japan society.

You should check where the above 3 items aregetting available

【Actually, Stay permission is absolutely necessary for also Visa-freeTravelers】

Does Japan really not  have  the "Working Visa"  system?
What means
Japan has the immigration entry system called "Status of Residence " as a system comparable to the " Working Visa"  you all know well.
(Entry procedures)

First of all, Everyone knows well what "passport" is an indispensable tool for traveling abroad, Of course, naturally you always must have a "Passport" if you enter Japan under any circumstances. Next about "Visa", Japan has a visa exemption system. Currently, “Visa-free travel” has been conducted to approximately 68 countries or regions.
However, It's only recognized for "Short-Stays" such as sightseeing and business negotiations etc. As for the stay permission in that case, Japanese immigration officers usually choose  “Short-Term Stay” (Temporary Stay) belonging to “Residence Status”, determine the length of stayand give the traveler permission to stay in Japan.  In short, if you want a Short Stay inJapan, you don't have to worry about "Visa" and "Status of Residence" too much.

On the other hand,if you wanna stay in Japan for studying abroad or working in a Japanese company, you need the above 3 items.  Above all, "Status of Residence" is the most important item for staying in Japan for a long-term. How to get it will be introduced on another page(See also the "Certificate of Eligibility" page, but only one thing to remember  here is that you should acquire this qualification before leaving your country.
In conclusion, if non-Japanese peoples wanna stay in Japan for more than 1 day, they always need to obtain one of the "Status of  Residence" regardless of their purpose.
Here, what we want you to understand well is that there is no qualification in Japan formally named "Working-Visa" under the Japanese law. In place of the "Working Visa" system commonly named in many ountries, Japan implements the "Status of Residence" system.

check meaning of
【Introducing the role of each of the 3 items】 (Passport, Visa,Status of Residence)

In order to make it easier for you to understand, introducing as an example the case where a person of American nationality has decided to work for a company in Japan and wants to enterJapan. However, in order to obtain a Status of Residence, he must have an employment contract guaranteed from there

In the text of this website, certificate of Eligibility for "Status of Residence" is referred to as "Certificateof Eligibility"

Item Name
Place to Issue
Purpose of Issue (Other Explanation)
Passport Governmentagencies in eachcountry It proves the nationality and identity of people traveling abroad
Visa Japanese Embassyin Japan "Visa" has the meaning as a  "Recommendation Letter"  to prove that there is no problem for entering Japan.
Be carefull,  “Visa” does not guarantee that entry into Japan.
At the next stage, for the first time you are officially authorized to  enter Japan.
Status of Residence Immigration Bureau in Japan.

The immigration officer will confirm the purpose and length of stay for the traveler. For short-term stays such as sightseeing trips, you can pass through immigration gates relatively smoothly.
At this point, for the first time you're authorized to enterJapan.
But, if you want to stay for a long-term, the immigration officer must to make sure that you have already cleared the conditions for acquiring your desired "Status of Residence".
Please see here for the personal requirements of each "Status ofResidence"
If all necessary documents to prove conformance cannot bepresented, there is a risk that your desired "Status of Residence"may not be permitted.
Certificate of Eligibility Regional Immigration
Bureau. in Japan

"Status of Residence" is classified in detail by occupation.furthemore, approval criteria are established for each category.
入国に相当時間またされているイメージPeople who wish to stay for long time need to certify the fact that the personal criteria have been met by some documents. It is quite difficult for you toperform these tasks at the entry gate intoJapan. In addition, if your submitting documents are not accepted, There is arisk of refusal to enter Japan..

To avoid that horrible event,before you leave for Japan, you need to obtain approval for the "Status of Residence" according to your activity plan. A document certifying that the "Status of Residence" has been approved in advance is called "Certificate of Eligibility". Be sure to submit it to the immigration officer when you enter Japan. According to the above flow,  You’ll be able to receive your official ”Status of Residence” smoothly, reliably and and without wasting time. At this time, you will receive a "Residence card" in exchange for "Certificate of Eligibility".
(See also the acquisition process)

 Enjoy your Japanese life !

【Saying it again for you because it is easy to make a mistake】

There is no need to obtain "Status of Residence" prior approval for a "Short-Term Stay".(Automatically approved)

On the other hand, if you want to study or work in Japan, be sure to prepare "Certificate of Eligibility" before leaving from your country.


Relationship between "Short-Term-Stay" and Work Activities

don't earn wages without a working visaAs explained above, "Short-Term Stay" is a types of "Status of Residence" that simplifies entry procedures so that many tourists can feel free to travel into Japan. However, the holder of  "Short-Term Stay" has the following activity restrictions related to "working activities".

Admonition; About the regulation of "Short-Term Stay" 】

Don't work without permission

Sample of the "Residence Card"


Residence cards are given to authorized persons of the "Status of Residence"  type of  " mid or long term stay" other than "short-term stay"
In the case of "Short-Term Stay", it'snot permitted to carry out activities tooperate businesses with income orreceive compensation in Japan.
It will be subject to jail time and fines,so please do not do any activity to earnincome.

And depending on the type of "Status of Residence", the allowable period of stay is determined.
Please be aware that if you exceed the allowable period even 1 day, it will be "Over-Stay" andwill be subject to penalties.
Moreover, the extension of the period of stay of the "Short-Term Stay" holder is not permittedin principle unless there are special circumstances.
At the same time, switching from "Short-Term Stay" to other "Status of Residence"(Generallycalled a working  visa)will not be accepted in principle.

【Administrative Scrivener's Offices are forceful supporters for you】

Administrative Scrivener are forceful supporters for youOur legal office is a forceful supporter for non-Japanese people whotorying to live in Japan. Please consult with us regarding the acquisition of "Status of Residence" and we will be responsible for the application on your behalf, and will do our best to solve your problems as a as a legal expert.
However, only people who already live in Hokkaido or plan to live in Hokkaido are eligible for consultation.

- Thank you for reading -

Please continue to use Working Visa Japan.