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status resident ot short stay

College Student
status resident of college student

Pre-College Student
pre-college student

Engineer/Specialist  in  Humanities/
International  Services
status of residence of enigineer

status or residence of instructor

Skilled Labor
status of residence of skilled worker

Intra-Company  Transferee
Status of residence of intra company transferee

Business  Manager
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Statys of Residence
status of residence is a important items for staying in Japan

Important permission for staying in Japan

Certificate of Eligibility
How to get a certificate of Eligibility  for

How to get a certificate ofEligibility  for
"Status of Residence"

Unqualification  Activities
How to acquire activity permission when you want to work as part timer

How to acquire activity permission when you want to work as part timer

To be a language teacher
To be a language teacher

To work as a language teacher or interpreter for a private company

What type of work or student visa do you need?

(Types of Status of Residence)

 Depending on the type of "Status of Residence",
 there are various period of stay and
 conditions to qualify.
 This page introduces some of them.

"Status of Residence" to study and work in Japan

"Status of Residence" refers to the commonly referred "Working Visa".

"Status of Residence" is subdivided lots according to the purpose

The "Status of Residence" can be roughly divided into two categories depending on whether the work activity is permitted or not.

【Types of "Status of Residence" where income is not recognized】

The above qualifications make it possible to stay in Japan. However, basically, activities to earn income are  prohibited.
Although, it is possible to work as a part-timer within the legally stipulated time by obtaining bellowing permission.
"the permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the Status of Residence previously granted".
This web page refers to this permission as "unqualified activity".  (What is "unqulifiedactivity" ? Please refer to here.)

status of residence for journalist
【Types of "Status of Residence" where income is recognized from work】

Diplomat, Journalist, Highly Skilled Professinal, Investor / Bussiness Manager,. etc.
Qualifications to engage in the work content described in the table below.
(Those are commonly known as "working visa" among non-Japanese people)
Of course, it is acceptable to earn income in Japan.

status of residence for spouse
【Types of "Status of Residence " based on personal status (allowed to work)】

Foreign nationals who got married with a Japanese citizen.
・ When one parent of a born child has Japanese citizenship.
・ Permanent resident, etc.
 (Introducing the Types of "Status of Residence" (Part 2)

滞在期間は、自分で選択することは出来ませんOn this page, Explaining only working (including studying abroad,etc.)  qualification and its conditions, furthermore allowable stay period.

In the following table, the "priod of stay" column shows the allowable residence period  of the corresponding "Status of Residence".  Respectively means【 Y = Year (s), M =Month (s), D = Days 】
Having multiple dates doesn't mean that you're able to choose for yourself. What they mean is that the Regional Immigration Officer will choose the time-frame which seems appropriate for you, taking into consideration the purpose of your stay and your ability (business career, experience, etc).
Generally, the shortest period of permission is given to the applicant and switched to the long-period of approval each time the "Status of Residence" is updated.

Because there are so many types of "Status of Residence" and it is difficult for you to find out from the table below, we picked up some representative ones that are relatively often targeted for application.
Click the following to jump to the corresponding column. (It's not limited to the example of the occupation listed below)

※ The following is the official name of "Status of Residence" used in the Regional Immigration Bureau.
Status of
Activities authorized to engage in
Period of Stay
Diplomat Activities at members of diplomatic missions and consulates of foreign governments, etc. diplomatic agents,diplomatic couriers and their families belonging to the same house-hold. Period during  which diplomatic  activities are  performed
Official Activities on the part of those who engage in the official working for foreign governments or international organizations recognized by the Japanese Government,. etc.
administrative and technical staffs of diplomatic missions and members of the service staff and their families belonging to the same household. 5Y, 3Y, 1Y, 3M, 30D or 15D
Professor Research activities, teaching university research or education, activities at equivalent educational institutions or technical colleges,. etc. university professor,  assistant professor, etc. 5Y, 3Y, 1Y or 3M
Artist Activities for art to earn income such as music, art, literature,. etc. Composers, artist, or song writer and photographers, etc. 5Y, 3Y, 1Y or 3M

Missionary and other religious activities in Japan by foreign religious groups. religious people such as missionaries,monks, etc. 5Y, 3Y, 1Y or 3M
Journalist News reports such as newspapers, television and other news activities. newspaper journalists,  etc,. occupation associated with coverage. 5Y, 3Y, 1Y or 3M
【Omitted】 Highly-skilled human resources in accordance with "points system"
5Y for (1) and indefinite for (2)
Activities related to trade transactions or other businesses of public or private organizations in Japan, or the management or operation of such businesses. company presidents,directors, etc.
manager of a company.
5Y, 3Y, 1Y, 4M or 3M

An activity that engages in work related to legal or accounting duties that can be performed with legal qualifications. attorneys or certified public accountant, etc 5Y, 3Y, 1Y or 3M
Activities that engage in work related to medical services that can be performed with legal qualifications. physician, dentist,  pharmacists or registered nurse 5Y, 3Y, 1Y or 3M
Researcher Activities to conduct research and development based on contracts with Japanese public or private institutions.

as researchers or investigators at a government-related institution or private enterprises 5Y, 3Y, 1Y or 3M
Instructor Activities such as language education at elementary schools, junior high schools, junior high schools and other educational institutions.
teacher at a senior high school or junior high school, etc. 5Y, 3Y, 1Y or 3M
Specialist    in Humanities

Activities to engage in services, which require skills or knowledge pertinent to physical science, engineering or other natural science fields, or to engage in services, which require knowledge pertinent to jurisprudence, economics, sociology or other human science fields, or to engage in services.
IT engineer, mechanical engineering, interpreter,  designer, language instructor at a private company, marketing specialist. 5Y, 3Y, 1Y or 3M
When activities of a staff member transferred to a branch or etc in Japan for a limited period of time from the head office in a foreign country by a public or private organization. a person who has been transferred to Japan from the overseas headquarters.
5Y, 3Y, 1Y or 3M
Entertainer Activities involved in work related to the atrical performances, musical performances, sports or any other performing art activities.
actor, singer, dancer, or professional athlete 3Y, 1Y, 6M, 3M, or 15 D
Activities engaged in services that require special industrial technology or special field skills.
Chef of foreign cuisine,  sports instructor, aircraft pilot, or craftsman of precious metals 5Y, 3Y, 1Y or 3M
Intern -

(@) Activities to acquire knowledge through group training courses and activities to acquire skills through employment agreements.
(A) Activities for a person who has acquired knowledge and skills to engage in business that requires such knowledge and skills through an employment agreement.
Technical interns 1Y, 6M, or a term designated by the Minister of Justice ( 1Y or less)
Academic or artistic activities that provide no income, or activities for the purpose of pursuing specific studies on Japanese culture or arts, or activities for the purpose of learning and acquiring Japanese culture or arts under the guidance of experts.
Researcher of Japanese culture 3Y, 1Y, 6M or 3M
Visitor (Short-Term  Stay)
Activities that do not earn income.  Tourism, recreation, sports, visiting relatives, tour tours, attending short lectures and meetings, business contacts, or other similar activities.
Tourist or conference participant 90D, 30D, 15D orperiod of lessthan 15D
Activities to participate in classes at universities, high schools, elementary schools,. etc. and receive education.
student of a university,  junior college, college of technology , senior high school, junior high school or elementary school, etc. 4Y and 3M, 4Y,3Y and 3M, 3Y,2Y and 3M, 2Y, 1Y, 6M or 3M
Trainee Acquisition of skills and techniques at public and private institutions in Japan.
Trainee 1Y, 6M or 3M
Dependent Daily living activities of spouse or unmarried minors who receive life support from people living in Japan under the Status of Residence.
Spouse or child who is a dependant of a residing foreign national. 5Y, 4Y and 3M,4Y, 3Y and 3M,3Y, 2Y and 3M ,2Y, 1Y and 3M,1Y, 6M or 3M
If special circumstances are there, Activities specially designated by Japan's Minister of Justice for foreigners. Domestic staff of a diplomat, etc., working holiday, or a foreign nurse / care worker candidate under an Economic Partnership Agreement, etc. 5Y, 3Y, 1Y, 6M,3M or a termdesignated by theMinister ofJustice ( 5Y orless)

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