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For Family Stay
status of residence for family say

"Certificate ofEligibility" is animportant item...

Types of  
"Status ofResidence" 
Part 1
Description of the type of

Description of the type of "Status of Residence"

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relationship with status of residence and  web shop

Relationship between Web shop and "Status of Residence"

Qualification  Guidelines
What are the guidelines for approving and receiving

What are the guidelines for approving and receiving "Status of Residence"?

Unqualification  Activities
How to acquire activity permission when you want to work as part timer

How to acquire activity permission when you want to work as part timer

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Close relationship between your business start and

Close relationship between your business start and "Status of Residence"


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What is "Status of Residence" ?  (在留資格=Zairyu-Shikaku)

 InTo stay in Japan for a certain period of time,
except for a temporary stay,
you need to obtain "Status of Residence".
We will explain the procedures for these.

Procedure for non-Japanese nationals to live in Japan for long-term.

"Status of Residence" refers to the commonly referred "Working Visa" in many countries except for Japan.
Notes;  This page of "" is an information page for those who want to stay in Japan for study abroad or work in the medium to long term.

Types of procedures for "Status of Residence"

There are many types of applications related to "Status of Residence". Here, introducing some representative ones.

  1. New acquisition of "Status of Residence".
  2. Renewal permission of "Status of Residence".
  3. Change permission of "Status of Residence".
  4. Certificate of  authorized employment.

A.   New acquisition of "Status of Residence".

new acquisition of status of residenceIt's an application for obtaining the approval of new residence permitin Japan, but in practice, it's the mainstream that the applicant's agent person applies for the "Certificate of Eligibility".
Description of "Certificate of Eligibility" is here.
Or you need it when your baby was born in Japan. etc.
The official name used in the Regional Immigration Bureau is  "Permission to Acquire Status of Residence".

B.    Renewal permission of "Status of Residence"

submission of application form
The official name of the application is  "EXTENSION OF PERIOD OF STAY".
The "Status of Residence" has a different period of residence for all types,  except in the case of "permanent residents". If you wanna stay in Japan continuously after your deadline, you must obtain renewal permission. To that end, it's necessary to submit a document called "Application for extension of stay period" and be apploved by the Regional Immigration Bureau,that procedure can be accepted from about 3 months before your renewal deadline.

(About the risk that the renewal procedure would be rejected)

The point to note here is that you may not get permission even if you go through the renewal procedure. Many of these happen when foriegn workers change jobs before renewal. Basically, when a foreign worker change jobs, it's necessary to report about new work place to the Regional Immigration Office within 2 weeks from job change day.
be caful for over staying
Because, it also includes the meaning of checking whether your job description after changing job is within the permitted activity range of "Status of Residence" which you own.
If you neglected to report that you changed jobs, you'll be very bothered for explanation when renewal of your "Status of  Residence".
Moreover, If you're judged to be an untruthful person and unreliable from the Regional Immigration Bureau from the fact that you have not reported it, you would be asked for morecertificates or other evidence than the normal procedure, and the renewal review will definitelybe very tough. At the worst case, your renewal application may be rejected.

Naturally, if the explanation is ambiguous and the job details after the job change, or the content and management size of the company are not appropriate for approving the "Status of  Residence" renewal, the risk that the renewal permission will be denied will be higher
If you wanna avoid that awful situation, we recommend that you obtain a"Certificate ofauthorized  employment"  from the Regional Immigration Bureau before you do change jobs.

[Example of trouble when renewal]

  -The actual amount of income is also an approval factor for the status of residence-

When you first enter Japan, your agent should have applied for “Status of Residence” which you own now, and they should have reported your future salary amount to the Regional Immigration Bureau.
example of trouble when your updatingThe main reason is that your salary amount is also one of the elements of "Status of residence" approval.
That should be a big point of attention, a trouble occurs in the renewal permission procedure if your amount actually paid was much less than the reported salary amount. This is because it is generally thought thatthe decline in the living standards of foreign workers can be one of thefactors affecting the security of Japan.
From the above reasons, if your income level is falling, you will have to explain the underlying reasons to the Regional Immigration Bureau by using the reason sheet.

Be careful of overstay
Regarding the period of stay, even if the renewal date is approaching, there is no notification letter from the administration. Although the date of expiration is listed on your "Residence Card", please make sure to regularly check it so that it doesn't go past the date of renewal.
If you stay longer than the renewal date without applying for renewal approval, you will be considered an illegal stay and may receive a "Forced Repatriation Order".
※ Administrative scriveners are able to proxy your renewal process. but, if you are already staying over due date, unfortunately, it will be impossible for them to assist with renewal applications.

C.   Change permission of "Status of Residence"

The official name used in the Regional Immigration Bureau is"Change of Status of Residence".
The situation where you need to apply for change permission of "Status of Residence" may be as follows.

  1. If you would like to work in a occupation outside the scope of activity permitted by "Status of Residence" you own now.
  2. After graduation from school, If you want to work for a company in Japan by changing from the "Status of Residence " for international students to one of working type.
  3. When you want to change your "Status of Residence" to the "Investor / Business Manager" for setting up your company.
  4. When you want to change your "Status of Residence" to other one that relates to social position.
    Fore example, when you've got married with a person of Japanese nationality.
    (Note: You won't be able to get change approval without you've got a formal marriage procedure.)

Except for the above (d), please apply and get the change approval before starting the next work.
change your status of residenceIf you start working before your permit, you'll be more likely to be denied change permission. And you'll be subject to penalties for illegal work. Be really careful.

※ Reference pages on "working visa japan"

● "Investor / Business  Manager".
● "Relationship between marriage and "Status of Residence".
● Setting up for your business.
● "Status of Residence" to fill in the time lag from graduation ...

【 Important Point 】

Problems in the relationship between job hunting and "Status of Residence"

To summarize the above, The items required to get the "Status of Residence" approval are:
problem with status of residenceThe approval level must be exceeded for the above 3 elements. Moreover, the Regional Immigration Bureau will consider in a comprehensive way on your application regarding "Status of Residence" by adding information on your daily life behavior. These things mean that it's very dangerous to think easily that changing a job will not cause legal problems.

In particular, with regard to the content of the company, please understand that it's not an item that you're able to judge freely. However, with those situation, even if you get a good chance to change your job, you'll feel anxiety about whether it's a violation of the law.
As a way to avoid such an anciety situation, so that we will introduce you how to get the certificate of “Certificate of Authorized Employment”, in the following column.

D.  Certificate of authorized employment.

solution for uneasy with status of residenceThis certificate is a document that proves the type of "Status of Residence" you already have. In addition, When you decide to change jobs, report theabove three factors to the Regional Immigration Bureau, from thatinformation, they will determine if there is any obstacle to maintaining your "Status of Residence". If it is confirmed that there is no problem, “Certificate of authorized employment” will be issued. However, please apply and get approval before performing a job change. If the application is not approved after changing your jobs, you will be punished for illegal activities. Be careful enough.

For example, even if you keep a secret without reporting that you have changed your job, it will always be discovered at the time of application for renewal of "Status of Residence" and it'll be a problem, so please stop such behavior.
If you feel anciety, consult the Regional Immigration Bureau or an administrative scrivener. That's one effective way to enjoy Japanese life safely and at ease.

【Administrative Scrivener's Offices are forceful supporters for you】

Please leave your problem  to an administrative scrivener with a national qualification.
If you do not know how to change or renew the "Status of Residence", or if you are busy at work and can not find your time to go to a Japanese government office, our office staff will quickly assist for you. The biggest problem is you don't know what kind of documents will be required. Our office will draw answers from a legal point of view. At any time, please consult with our office to relieve your anxiety.
We promise to deal with you kindly. Please contact Komatsu administrative scrivener office.

-Thank you for reading-
Please continue to use Working Visa Japan.