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Information of
"Status of
What is prohibited in the case of

Index for information retrieval

Certificate of  Eligibility
How to get a certificate of Eligibility  for

How to get a certificate ofEligibility  for
"Status of Residence"

Types of  "Statusof  Residence" Part1
Description of the type of

Description of the type of "Status of Residence"

Qualification  Guidelines
What are the guidelines for approving and receiving

What are the guidelines for approving and receiving "Status of Residence"?

Start of your  business
Close relationship between your business start and

Close relationship between your business start and "Status of Residence"

Work of language teachers and interpreters whosedemand will rise

    Japan has a new problem of labor shortage. For that reason, we're trying to incorporate a lot of humanresources from overseas
    to solve the problem. But the language barrier has not been overcome.

What is the "Status of Residence" required for language  services ?

【Prospect of language service business in Japan】

foreign lover with working visaJapan's declining birth rate in recent years has caused labor shortages. At present, each industry pays a lot of effort focusing on inviting worker resources from Southeast Asia. However, Japan has the biggest problem of being unable to overcome the language barrier between workers and companies.
It isn't necessary to explain, but Japanese language which deserves a symbol of a completely different culture than any other countries is often not used to ordinary foreigners, so foreign workers seem to be feel considerable inconvenience in conversation with Japanese people as well as reading Japanese.

At present, many companies expect foreigners to get used to Japanese language.  However, they're already beginning to realize that they need to change themselves in order to facilitate communication with foreign  workers and operate their workplace more efficiently.

Prospect of language servis businessTo make it happen, it's necessary for Japanese people to make an effort to get used to overseas cultures and languages in daily life.  And in the Japanese society as a whole, it's necessary to improve the environment with the purpose of naturally maintaining the motivation to absorb foreign culture actively.

In conclusion, Private schools for practicing multilingual conversation and teaching languages from different countries including English learning will continue to grow from now on in Japan. Along with that, the number of job offers for teachers who teach foreign languages will should be naturally increase.  And for the time being, there is no doubt that the demand of the interpreters will increase.
On this page, introducing the "Status of Residence" which is required to work in language services,. etc..
("Status of Residence" refers to the commonly referred "Working Visa".)
For more information, see here "Status of Residence"

Relationship between language business services and "Status of Residence"

In order to work as an English teacher in a company such as a private English conversation school or as an interpreter for a Japanese company, it is necessary to obtain a "Humanities / International Services Specialist" of the type of "Resident Status". In addition, it becomes the same treatment when becoming a teacher of languages other than English.
(See here for "Status of Residence" (working visa) in "Specialist in Humanities / International Services")

【Explanation for obtaing "International Services"  belonging to Status of  Residence】

First of all, when applying for the acquisition of each "Status of Residence" in the following explanation, it isnecessary to conclude an employment contract with a company or a school institution and prove it using thecontract.

(Regarding the application criteria of "Status of Residence" required to work in the language service business described above.)
If you want to engage in the following businesses, you must obtain "international service" approval.
●  Interpreter,  Translation,  Teaching language,  Public relations,  Design,  Overseas trading, etc...

(The Approval Criteria)

The following conditions need to be met to obtain approval:

Of the above, information about the company you are going to work for is also a factor in obtaining significant approval. The reason is explained also in the trouble occurrence case at the time of the update of "Status of Residence".


Notes related to ”a job that requires Tinking and Sensitivity (emotional expression of people) based on foreign cultures”
The point for getting "Status of Residence" requires that the language you're trying to teach in a private company is your native language. In other words, in order to become a language teacher, you need to select your native language. That's because it's a condition for being approved that you have the skills to express and use emotional expressions freely in the language you developed since you were a child.

(Type of permission application)

(About acquisition of "Status of Residence" of those who graduated from Japanese educational institution as a foreign student)

working visa for laguage serviceTo acquire qualifications, personal skills are required. If you have graduated from Japanese college  (including graduate school and junior college), It's won't be a problem if you don't have language related work experience, moreover it's not also influenced by the major subject you were receiving in there.
The reason is that classes taken at a Japanese college are considered to have the same knowledge and experience as those acquired in general social life. There is no problem if you just submit your college diploma when applying for a change of status of residence.
(Points to check)
On the other hand, if you graduated from another educational institution, such as a non-college vocational school, you need to have a working experience that you've been teaching your native language at a private language school etc.
Here is the important point that will be a problem, You will definitely be required to submit a document that demonstrates your experience.
To do this, you have to get a  proof documents such as a certificate of employment from the workplace where you have practiced experience.
Unauthorized income can have a major impact on future acquisition of Status of Residence. It is a very dangerous act, so please be sure to stop it.

【Point to get permission from another angle】

The company you plan to work for is also assessed to get "Status of Residence". This is because Regional Immigration Offic has to reflect on the social impact after your company plans and implements restructuring due to bankruptcy or poor management.
permisssion for working visa
To deny that fear, they want to make sure that your company's business is doing well, and that your company is stable in the future. To confirm it, they will have to command you to submit materials that show the financial status of the company you intend to work for.
To sum up, a core reason is there, so please follow honesty without having any questions.

And you will also need to make and submit to the Regional Immigration Office a clear employment contract document with the company that you intend to join. Of course, there must also have written the wages you should to receive.

The reason is that the permission criteria of "Status of Residence" require your income to be at the same level or higher than if Japanese did the same job. That's because they don't want you to be troubled with living capital in Japan. Speaking badly, the inadequacy of living capital leads to the danger of adversely affecting Japanese society. It is their job to be done to avoid that badly situation of both you and Japan, so please you should have a good understanding.

In addition, the permission criteria for wages described here also correspond to the permission criteria for "Status of Residence" (working visa)for almost all working.
(See also here for application for change permission of "Status of Residence")
(See also here for the details of qualification guidelines)

【"Status of Residence" when you want to do educational activities in Japanese junior high school, high school or university】

If you want to conduct educational activities at a public school institution designated by the Japanese government instead of a private company, please be aware that "Engineer / Specialist in Humanities / International Services" of "Status of Residence" can not respond.

"Status of Residence" necessary for activity= (working-visa) 

(Each link transitions to an overview.)

Of course, because it is a public institution, the personal qualities required for permission are higher. In addition, job experience is also an important factor. (See here for Qualification Guidelines for "Instructor")

【"Status of Residence" to fill in the time lag from graduation of an educational institution to work at a company or school】

 a special permit called “Designated Activities”If you have obtained "Status of Residence" as a foreign student, the time limit of your "Status of Residence" should have be determined by the Regional Immigration Office, in according to your expected graduation time.
If you stay in Japan for more than a day from your time limit without permission, you will be treated as overstay and subject to punishment.

You will need to go home once to avoid that. However, when you wish to stay in Japan without returning to your home country, you will not have to return if you have been approved by the Regional Immigration Bureau with a special permit called “Designated Activities”. (See here for "Designated Activities")

It is a special permission system that fills in the blank period of "Status of Residence" before starting work.
You can also apply for this permit system if you want to work as an internship until you start working as a formal employee.
(If you want to work as an internship, look here)

disapper of unqualification activity permission(By the way)

If you are a foreign student who also has "Unqualification Activity" permission and you are working as part-timer, the "Unqualification Activity" will disappear along with your period of stay. In other words, if you continue working part-time without permission, you will be subject to punishment, so please be careful. If you want to continue working part-time job for your living expenses until the date of joining the company, please get permission in parallel to applying for the above-mentioned "Designated Activities".

【Social role of administrative scrivener】

the role of administrative scrivenerThe administrative scrivener will do on your behalf for the preparation or submission of the documents necessary for the administrative procedures in Japan, including the acquisition procedure of "Status of Residence", at the same time, as a legal specialist in establishing a company in Japan, we will provide appropriate advice and support your actions on various occasions until you complete the establishment of the company.
In addition, in order to meet the needs of our customers, we also help with finding a property to be used for Office etc. while partnering with a real estate agent. It will also help to communicate details about your situation to the rental owner. Please consult us if you have any problems.  

-Thank you for reading-

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