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Attention point of
"Short-Term Stay"
What is prohibited in the case of

What is prohibited in the case of "Short-Term Stay"?...

The knowledge for  international  studentsto work as  part-timer
working visa for part timer

About application  procedure of  "Unqualification Activity"  permission

Statys of Residence
status of residence is a important items for staying in Japan

Important permission for staying in Japan

Certificate of Eligibility
How to get a certificate of Eligibility  for

How to get a certificate ofEligibility  for
"Status of Residence"

Types of  
"Status of  Residence" 
Part 1
Description of the type of

Description of the type of "Status of Residence"

Unqualification  Activities
How to acquire activity permission when you want to work as part timer

How to acquire activity permission when you want to work as part timer

Start of your  business
Close relationship between your business start and

Close relationship between your business start and "Status of Residence"

Information retrieval about procedures for foreigners to work in Japan.

 It is an "INDEX" page to search information related to life in Japan.

"" provides life information for foreigners living in Japan.

Administrative Scrivener are forceful supporters for you
Whether you are working or studying abroad, you will have the opportunity to submit various notices and permits to the Japanese government while in Japan. Among them, there are manyimportant things that you can not do without relevant knowledge.
"Working Visa Japane" proposes and transmits solutions for various living problems that non-Japanese have. In addition, we aim to serve as a base for information dissemination that allows you to send even richer Japanese life by receiving information from you.

INDEX for information retrieval

the page title of Procedure to enter Japan
link to procedure to enter japan

Points to be aware of when you enter Japan. の対象ページへ遷移What is necessary to enter Japan? の対象ページへ遷移Describes where 3 certificates can be obtained. の対象ページへ遷移Prohibited actions for short stays. の対象ページへ遷移Cautions for staying with "Short-Term Stay"!

the page title of

link to procedure to

Update trouble
In case of jobchange

Update trouble

Job change

Admonition of status of residence solution for problem of status of residence


Anxiety cancellation

What's "Status of Residence" ? の対象ページへ遷移Flow of Immigration in Japan, visa inspection.
    ・ It is only "short-term stay" that the entry procedure is particularly easy. の対象ページへ遷移If you would like to apply for a status of residence.
    ・ Japan has 36 types of "Status of Residence". の対象ページへ遷移Introduction of procedure application about "Status of Residence".
    ・ Information on the type of procedure for "Status of Residence" の対象ページへ遷移In case of new application for "Status of Residence".
     ・ This is information you should know if you want to live with your family in Japan. の対象ページへ遷移Application when the "Status of Residence" is renewal time.
     ・ The official name used in the Regional Immigration Bureau is
       "Extension of period of stay"
    ・ Attention point at the time of update of "Status of Residence", etc. の対象ページへ遷移Trouble occurrence cases that occur in update permission application.
    ・ Matters to be particularly careful. Risk of changing jobs. の対象ページへ遷移Change permission application of "Status of Residence" when changing jobs.
    ・ The official name used in the Regional Immigration Bureau is
          "Change of status of residence" の対象ページへ遷移Commentary on under what situations a "Certificate of Authorized Employment” shouldbe used.
      ・ How to confirm "Status of Residence" continuation when changing jobs.

the page title of How to obtain a "Certificate of Eligibility" for "Status of Residence" の対象ページへ遷移

link to procedure to
For family stay in Japan
In case of jobchange

Update trouble

Job change

"Certificate of Eligibility" certificate for safe and smoothentry procedure to Japan.
    ・ In order to avoid immigration problems, it is necessary to ask aJapanese agent
        and obtain a “Certificate of Eligibility” before your departure. の対象ページへ遷移How to get a "Certificate of Eligibility" certificate.
   ・ When you enter Japan for study or work, you need to clearlyknow the flow of the
         "Certificate of Eligibility" procedure. の対象ページへ遷移 How to get "Status of Residence" for a family.
   ・ What should you do to live with your family?

the page title of Types of status of residenceTypes of "Status of Residence" PART 1 の対象ページへ遷移There are classified into "Status of Residence" which enables or prohibits earning income. の対象ページへ遷移The list of "Status of Residence"
  ・ for international students, for working in Japan, for staying with family in Japan, etc.

the page title of
Types of status of residence part 2

status of residence for partner
status of residence for baybe
Once you get married

When a child is born

Types of "Status of Residence" PART 2 の対象ページへ遷移About the type of "Status of Residence" related to status or identity. の対象ページへ遷移Description of "Status of Residence" that can be obtained when you marry a Japanese.
    ・ How to get "Status of Residence" so that you can live in Japan with partner after marriage の対象ページへ遷移Registration of marriage to the Japanese government.
    ・ Necessity of "Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage". How to get it. の対象ページへ遷移Marriage report and approval to your home country. の対象ページへ遷移Method for getting a "spouse" type. の対象ページへ遷移How to register when a baby is born in Japan.
   ・ The items you should bring to the Regional Immigration Office are...

the page title of Qualification Guidelines. の対象ページへ遷移For College studentPre-college student. の対象ページへ遷移Qualification GuidelinesFor Engineer / Specialist inHumanities / International services. の対象ページへ遷移For Instructor. の対象ページへ遷移For Skilled laborer. の対象ページへ遷移For Intra-Company transferee. の対象ページへ遷移For Investor / Business manager.

the page title of The Permission for "Unqualification Activities"

      "The permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the Status ofResidence previouslygranted" is formal name. の対象ページへ遷移The permission for unqulification activitiesWhat is "Unqualification Activities"? What kind of thing is forgiven?
  ・ Allowable range of working hours.
    ・ About restriction of occupation, etc. の対象ページへ遷移About permission application when working as an internship. の対象ページへ遷移Is it possible to operate an online shop?

the page title of Setting up for your business. の対象ページへ遷移The permission for unqulification activitiesHow to start a business in Japan.
  ・Relevance between entrepreneurship method and "Status of Residence".
  ・Relevance between securing of sales office and "Status of Residence". の対象ページへ遷移Formal contract method in Japan and proof of creditworthiness. の対象ページへ遷移Major contradiction between the company establishment procedure and
 the "Status of Residence" acquisition procedure.
   ・Solution for securing sales office, etc.

the page title of To be a language teacher. の対象ページへ遷移Demand and Future of Foreign Language Teachers in Japan.
   ・Japan's declining birthrate and the need for an environment improvement to positively hire foreigners. の対象ページへ遷移To be a language teacherWhat type of status of residence is required to work for a language service inc?
    ・What is the "Status of Residence" needed to work in a private language school? の対象ページへ遷移Explanation for the approval criteria to get a "International Services" of "Status ofResidence"
  ・Social credibility of workplace is also important point

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